Nucleoside-Prodrug Synthesis: Chiral & Non Chiral Reagents

Since the development of the Pro-drug strategy for the anti viral nucleosides for the treatment of HIV by Christopher McGuigan in 1993, there have been various attempts in designing a reagent for the chiral pro drug synthesis. Since the market debut of Gilead’s Blockbuster drug the reagent (shown as Chiral reagent in the graphics below) has been made commercially available […]

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Di-substituted Noscapine Analogs as Potent Anticancer Agents

Noscapine is an opium-derived kinder and gentler microtubule affecting drug, currently in clinical trials for cancer chemotherapy. Here, we report the synthesis of four potent di-substituted derivatives of noscapine and their effect on Prostate Cancer and Breast cancer cells. These have higher tubulin binding than noscapine and affect its polymerization. The equilibrium dissociation constant between tubulin and new compounds is comparable to parent analog. These […]

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