Gemcitabine Phosphoramidate as New Anticancer Clinical Candidate

Prof. McGuigan from Cardiff School of Pharmacy, UK along with Prof. Jan Balzarini of Rega Instutute for Medical Research, Belgium have reported an innovative approach to overcome the cancer Resistance mechanism using the pro-tide technology of their’s.

They prepared various Nucleotide Phosphoramidates of the known anticancer drug Gemcitabine and were able to find a molecule that was resistant to¬†cytidine deaminase-mediated degradation and also showed reduction in volume of pancreatic cancer xenografts’ in vivo.


Gemcitabine Prodrug NUC-1031

Now they have shown that their Protide Approach is equally effective in development of anticancer agents as they already demonstrated in anti virals. To see the full paper please click here to go to ACS Publications.

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