New Synthesis of ‘FMCA’: A potential Anti-HBV Drug Candidate

A new and potent anti-HBV drug candidate has been discovered by our research group here at Drug Discovery Group (College of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences) of the University of Georgia.



FMCA stands for Fluoro and Methylene substituted derivative of Carbocyclic Adenosine. It has a 2’-F substitution and 6’ exocyclic methylene group which distinguishes it from Aristeromycin, the naturally occurring carbocyclic analog of Adenosine.

Initially this potent HBV drug candidate was synthesized starting from Ribose and later using Norbornene, however the current synthesis using Vince’s Lactam provided with the option for large scale production of the molecule.

Detailed synthetic route and discussion regarding chemistry at key steps has been recently published in the Journal of Organic Chemistry.RCMishra_FMCA-JOC


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