Nucleoside-Prodrug Synthesis: Chiral & Non Chiral Reagents

Since the development of the Pro-drug strategy for the anti viral nucleosides for the treatment of HIV by Christopher McGuigan in 1993, there have been various attempts in designing a reagent for the chiral pro drug synthesis. Since the market debut of Gilead’s Blockbuster drug the reagent (shown as Chiral reagent in the graphics below) has been made commercially available […]

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Chemistry Nobel 2012, October 10th Live from Stockholm

The Winners of Noble Prize in Chemistry are being announced at 11:45 AM CET (Central European Time) on Wednesday, 10th October 2012.┬áThe prize will be announced by Staffan Normark, Permanent Secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Nominations & Selection: Nomination to the Nobel Prize in Chemistry is by invitation only. The Nobel Committee for Chemistry sends confidential forms […]

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CAS Discontinuing SciFinder Scholar Client

Chemical Abstract Services (CAS) has announced that it will discontinue to support the desktop client version of the SciFinder. It means that everyone intending to use SciFinder on campus or off-campus need to have their own username and password to access SciFinder services via its web interface.  The client service can be used in its current for until June 30th […]

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