Nucleoside-Prodrug Synthesis: Chiral & Non Chiral Reagents

Since the development of the Pro-drug strategy for the anti viral nucleosides for the treatment of HIV by Christopher McGuigan in 1993, there have been various attempts in designing a reagent for the chiral pro drug synthesis. Since the market debut of Gilead’s Blockbuster drug the reagent (shown as Chiral reagent in the graphics below) has been made commercially available […]

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ESI JCR Impact Factor 2013 by Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters releases Journal Citation Reports every year usually by June end for the preceding year. This year its almost last week of July and there is no news of 2013 impact factors list. Actually for the year 2013, according to Thomson Reuters website these data for Journal Citation reports and Impact Factor number would be released by the end of […]

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Co-First Authors & Bibliography

Just saw this in the editorial comment section of the journal Gastroenterology. What they say is that they are going to introduce the highlighting of the co-first authors in case such an article (Where few authors have made equal contribution) is cited in the references section. [important]A note in such cases will follow the references section that states: “Author names in […]

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