Gold Nanoprticles in Diagnosis of Infuenza (Flu) Virus

It’s well known that Viruses can be captured by specific antibodies. Nano-particles owing to their size and constitution show peculiar properties in contrast to their regular (bulky) counterparts. The nano-particles of Gold have been successfully linked with immune-proteins called antibodies. When this complex comes in contact with a Virus it forms an aggregate showing another characteristic property of light scattering.

This scattering of light shows a patterned fluctuation depending upon the nature and structure of the aggregate formed with the Virus. Further, Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (also known as Dynamic Light Scattering) can differentiate between these patterned fluctuation and diagnose the presence of a Virus in the aggregate.

This study was published by UGA researchers in the journal Analyst (2011), 136 3083-90.

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