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Currently I am working towards optimization of anticancer activity of recently discovered tubulin interactive compound Noscapine and its derivatives.


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My current project involves the design and synthesis of novel analogs of Noscapine. Moreover, I am also preparing conjugates of known cancer drugs like Docetaxel and Doxorubicin and potent Noscapine analogs with Peptides and Biomolecules which are over expressed in different kind of tumor cells using Cleavable Linkers. Apart from this I have also conjugated a derivative of Noscapine with NIR dyes which have selective binding affinity with tumor cells. The work from the current project has resulted in the preparation of a number of manuscripts and patent application.

I have expertise in the design and synthesis of Nucleosides (natural, unnatural and fluorescent) Nucleotides, Carbohydrates, Heterocycles and Natural products. I use various spectroscopic techniques (NMR, MS, IR, UV etc.) to characterize the novel molecules.

In my Doctoral Research, most of the work was related to synthesis of Glycoconjugates, C-Nucleosides and Unnatural nucleosides. I also have hands-on experience in combinatorial synthesis and automated small molecule synthesizer.

In my research career till date I have published 20 papers in international journals and applied for 5 Indian and 1 US patent (in process).

My Research Interests include, Cancer Biology, Drug Design, Targeted Drug Delivery (Receptor and Nanoparticle assisted) and Biological Imaging. I do also have high enthusiasm to design and develop novel small molecules having Carbohydrate, Nucleoside or Natural product skeleton for therapeutic purpose.

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