HiStory of Carbocyclic Nucleosides

Carbocyclic Nucleosides is the name given to the class of molecules which are very similar to Nucleosides despite the fact that their furanose ring system in sugar counterpart is replace by a cyclopentyl ring. The first molecule, classified as Carbocyclic Nucleoside was Synthesized in a lab of Southern Research Institute in Birmingham, Albama. It was the carbocyclic analog of adenosine, […]

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Anticancer targets amenable by nucleoside drugs


Anticancer chemotherapy using targets amenable by nucleoside drugs: There are some recently discovered targets where compounds of ‘nucleoside’ class or just the ‘Nucleosides’ have shown some interesting biological effects.  Most of these could be modulated to get novel nucleoside based highly targeted therapy of various cancer sub types.

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