Reached Leuven, Blegium via Brussels

I reached Brussels national airport, Brussels, Belgium on 30th June at 13:00 h. It took only a few minutes to get the luggage as it was intra-european AirOne flight from Rome, Italy’s Leonardo da Vinci (FCO), airport. I had made an appointment at 3:00 PM with Tom Barbe of HR Department, so I made a call to University and postponed it to 5:00 PM.

Brussels National Airport

It was suggested by the HR Department of KU Leuven to have at least one night’s accommodation on your own so, I had a reservation in the only Youth Hostel of Leuven at De Blauwput. I had made this reservation yesterday only and as there was no vacancy in male dorm, as a precaution I was able to book in a female dorm. Usually there is no restriction regarding gender in dorms, however I thought they would make some arrangements.

Leuven Railway Station

Reaching to hostel was not difficult as provided in the site that  we are next to the railway station, just get out of the station on Kessel-lo side.

Although it took me some time to reach there due to construction work going on in front of the Hostel, after all it was very nice to get relaxed before reporting to HR department office at KU Leuven.

Youth Hostel De Blauwput

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