J Med Chem Article: Adenine based acyclic-nucleotides as novel P2X3 receptor ligands

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
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Adenine based acyclic-nucleotides as novel P2X3 receptor ligands

Volpini Rosaria; Mishra, RC; Kachare DD; Dalben Diego; Catia Lambertucci; Ippolito Antonini; Vittori sauro; Marucci Gabriella and Nistri Andrea


A new series of acyclic nucleotides based on the adenine skeleton and bearing in 9-position a phosphorylated four carbon chain has been synthesized. Various substituents were introduced in 2-position of the adenine core. The new compounds were evaluated on rat P2X3 receptors, using patch clamp recording from HEK transfected cells and the full P2X3 agonist α,β-meATP as reference compound. The results suggest that certain acyclic nucleotides, in particular compounds 28 and 29, are endowed with modest partial agonism on P2X3 receptors. This is an interesting property that can depress the function of P2X3 receptors, whose activation is believed to be involved in a number of chronic pain conditions including neuropathic pain and migraine. In fact, the new acyclic nucleotides are able to persistently block (by desensitization) P2X3 receptor activity after a brief, modest activation, yet leaving the ability of sensory neurons to mediate responses to standard painful stimuli via a lower level of signaling.

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